"For the Cruise Control video I took a decidedly enigmatic approach. Conceptually built around the album's name; the Grid of Souls, this video is a mix of cinematic samples and analog synthesized video projected on to a grid of mirrors. I wanted there to be an overarching air of mystery while still portraying both the hopeful and melancholic sides of love. It is a journey worth taking several times as more and more will be uncovered each time you watch!"



The Phoebus Cartel was started by Greg Ellis, production designer best known for his work with Pretty Lights.  For the last decade Greg has devoted his career to developing a unique approach to live concert design for the iconic producer.  Now, the time has come to expand the scope of his artistic abilities, and thus The Phoebus Cartel was born.   

The Phoebus Cartel is a multifaceted design entity specializing in: 

-Stage Design

-Lighting Programming and Operation 

-Advanced Laser development and integration

-A unique approach to video content creation focused on analog technology


The top priority of The Phoebus Cartel is to bring a unified concept to all visual production needs from inception to the live performance.  



Phone: +1-607-434-2296

IG: @ThePhoebusCartel